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IF you are new to my site - this
is a MUST SEE POST.... 4-2007

My name is Debra Estep (Rothacker).
I live in Ohio along with my husband Michael and our son Kevin.
Kerri is living on her own in S. Ohio
and we are very proud of her. Nicole & Hubby Brian live close by.
My oldest son Vince is proudly serving our country in the US Air Force.

I belong to a wonderful Air Force Mom and Dad's support group through Yahoo. If you are an AF parent please email me and I'll send you the contact info for joining our group.
NO ONE understands like another military parent. !!!!

The words below the stars ~yeah~ these words, I'm writing them today..... January 21, 2008. Soon my blog will be 3 years old... WOW
hard to imagine that much time has moved between when I first started writing here and today, this January day. I'm not the same person today that I was yesterday and I'm certainly not the same person today I was 3 years ago. When you read back through my site, please understand what I've written was what I believed on that day in time.
I'm not saying that those are not my beliefs today, but perhaps something has changed. I like to think of myself as fluid and not set in stone. But the words, such as they are written on the day they were are a snap shot photo OF MY thoughts ON THAT DAY. I might still agree with them, but then again I might have a totally different take on things. I'm not writing this as a contradiction or to confuse you, more as a disclaimer to state, I thought THAT WAY THEN. :)

AND........ you know what my dear blogging friends, I'll have this same open mind when I read your past posts. wink and Namaste`


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